How do we know what type of monument will be accepted in a particular churchyard or cemetery?

Church yards and cemeteries have different rules and regulations regarding the materials a headstone or cremation tablet can be made from. Similarly, there are often different rules/regulations regarding the specification, shape and size of a memorial stone, along with rules regarding motifs, designs and the colouring of letters. Such rules are in place to protect everyone’s interests, to ensure the preservation of the right ‘environment’ and to make certain that standards are maintained. Church yard regulations tend to be stricter than cemeteries and can be highly specific regarding what will and will not be allowed. Such rules are set out in the diocese regulations.

However, at such a sensitive time, you are not expected to know what is and isn’t permitted. Memory Lane Memorials will take the strain on understanding these various regulations and will advise you regarding the specifics of your choosen church yard or cemetery, where required submitting the necessary applications on your behalf. Please feel free to contact us regarding the location of your loved ones resting place and we will ensure that you are fully aware/advised.