Completion Times

How long will it take you to provide our chosen monument?

Once you have chosen your memorial and we have a signed proof from you and the deposit is paid, we will then apply for permission from the burial authority for the stone (waiting times can vary and sometimes need to go to committee for approval). If we have the stone in stock, we would aim to provide you with the completed memorial within six to eight weeks from the time that all permissions have been granted.

If the monument you have chosen needs to be especially ordered for you, or perhaps needs designs added, waiting times would be between 15 to 18 weeks for us to fit the stone from the time you have provided us with a signed proof and paid the required deposit amount and permissions have been granted.

Because of the nature of the material we work with, it is sometimes possible that we are provided with stone that we would not be happy to provide you with. For example, if the natural marking in the stone were abnormal or if the stone was damaged in any way. It is important to us that the memorial we provide you with as a legacy to your loved ones memory is of the highest possible standard, and although this may cause a delay in memorial waiting times, we would inform you of this and revise the expected time you will be required to wait. We believe this is a far better practice than to provide you with a stone that is not of the highest standard.