Existing Headstones

We already have family graves and we want to match an existing headstone, can this be done?

Often family members are buried side-by-side and you may want to match an existing stone that is currently erected on a loved one’s grave. We are able to match existing stones and lettering, and we can provide you with the same material and design that you already have.

Please be aware that as stone and granite is a natural material, as it is mined from the quarry over time it varies. This may result in a slight difference in colour or different markings in the stone.

We have an existing family headstone, but we want to change the wording on the stone, can this be done?

Sometimes when families choose a memorial for a loved one, they do not always think about the future and when another family member may be buried in the same grave. This can sometimes mean that the wording on a memorial is either not appropriate when the second burial takes place or not enough room has been left to allow for a second inscription to be added.

This does not mean that you need to start from scratch and order a new memorial. We can easily remove the existing inscription and replace it with a new one which is more appropriate for your current needs.