Memorial Costs

What are the charges?

Monuments and memorials come in a vast array of different shapes, sizes, materials and cost categories. Not only can the cost of a memorial be influenced by the choice of material used, but also it’s proposed size, along with other design considerations, such as lettering, hand painted elements and photo plaques.

Memory Lane Memorials take pride on being able to provide quality memorials for all budgets and can advise on the best memorial budgets to suit a particular cost limitation, as well as important factors to considering when cost is an important consideration. No obligation proofs and quotations will be provided for the chooses memorial and if price adjustments are needed, we will advise on all available options.


There are disbursements that are chargeable and these are fixed fees regardless of which stone mason you use. These are the fees that church’s and town/parish councils levy when a monument is erected. These are also chargeable when an existing memorial has an additional inscription. These charges can vary widely from council to council and Memory Lane Memorials will advice/include these costs within our quotations. Please be aware that if you’re loved one is buried out of their own parish, the fees in some cemeteries can be significantly more.

Church of England Costs

Small cross of wood – £49.00.
Small vase not exceeding 305mm x 203mm x 203mm (12” x 8” x 8”) or tablet, plaque or other marker commemorating a person whose remains have been cremated – £79.00.
Any other monument e.g. headstone – £150.00
Additional inscription on existing monument – £31.00