MEMORIAL HEadstone Renovation, repair & cleaning

Memorial Renovations and Cleaning

Headstones are made from natural material which is exposed to all of the outdoor elements. It is therefore not surprising that older memorials particularly those made from marble, sand and lime stone or with porous surfaces start to show their age over the years.

Memory Lane Memorial are able to offer a headstone renovation service where it is often possible to make old stones that have often become unrecognisable and illegible return to their former glory and almost in as good condition as when they were first fitted.

Lettering Renovation

Lettering and designs can also be renovated, which can transform the appearance of older stones. Repair work is also available. It is possible to re-level existing memorials which often move over time often due to land movement. Memorials which have fallen apart over time can be re-fixed and made secure to NAMM specifications. Memorials which may show signs of damage and chips over time can be repaired and rectified. Please feel free to contact us and we will talk to you about available options for headstone renovation and other memorial repair services.

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We are based in Pershore but can renovate, repair and clean grave headstones in other local areas such as Evesham, Worcester, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Tewkesbury, The Cotswolds, and many more.